Reserving Your Property

Reserving Your Property in Marbella

The offer has been accepted. How do you go about reserving your property and having it taken off the market?

The Private Purchase Contract

Property Purchase Contrac

You have signed the reservation contract subject to due dilgence. What is the next step to securing the property

Completing The Sale At The Notary

Completion Property Purchase Marbella

The final stage to becoming the owner of your new home where you take possession and the keys are handed over.

Purchasing Costs For A Property

Property Purchasing Costs

What are the various costs and fees that you should consider when buying a property in the Marbella area?

Different Types of Contracts

Property Purchase Sale Contracts Marbella Spain

What are the different type of contract that are available and what are the different implications?

Due Diligence Documents

Due Diligence

Your offer has been accepted, but you want to make sure that there are no legal problems.

The First Occupation Licence


The question of the First Occupation Licence comes up time and time again. What is it and how important is it?

Running Your Property

Running Costs Property

What are the various costs and fees involved in owning a property in the Marbella area?

The Importance of The NIE

NIE Marbella

The NIE or “Numero de Identificacion Extranjero” is crucial if you are looking to own a property in Spain

The Marbella Urban Planning Law

Marbella POU 2025/26

The last valid town hall plan dates from 1986. Will we have a new one shortly after so many years?

Different Property Dimensions

Property Measurements Marbella

Understanding different dimensions that may be displayed and why it is important to check them.

Renting Your Property Short Term

Holiday Rentals Marbella

Thinking of renting your property out for holidays or short term. What are the requirements?