The Private Purchase Contract

The Next Stage  – The Private Purchase Contract

Property Purchase Contrac

Following signing of the Reservation contract the next stage of the purchase is the Private Purchase Contract

Difference With Reservation Contract

The main difference between the reservation contract and the private contract is the first is subject to due diligence, so if there are issues with property the buyer can withdraw, in the second the due diligence is presumed to have been completed.

Amount To Be Paid

Furthermore, the amount of the payment when signing the private purchase contract is 10% of the price (less any initial payment) and the final conditions of the purchase and timelines are defined.

Due Diligence

From the buyer’s side it is important that all the legal and other checks have been completed before signing this, as it is no longer possible to put any reservations within this contract, as due diligence is presumed to have been completed.


The advantage for both the buyers and sellers is that, whilst at the reservation contract there is often a margin for each party to pull out, even it means forfeiting the deposit, at the stage of the private purchase contract there is either no margin and you legally have to complete, or forfeiting is very expensive (10% of the property value).


The contract can take several forms, from the condition that if either of the parties withdraw it is breach of contract and the other party can force the sale, to the 10% deposit is simply forfeited and the sale is annulled.

In either case it is generally accepted that it is very difficult or costly for either party to withdraw.

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The contract is normally signed by the lawyers of each party.

Once the private purchase is signed, the next step is completion at the notary where the buyer pays the balance and the sellers’ handover the keys.

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Note: The above is for general guidance and no substitute for professional legal advise that I would advise buyers to take before entering into any contract.



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